Sometimes in life, no matter how independent and bosswoman you are, you just need someone to tell you what to do. As a mum especially, being suddenly thrown into unfamiliar territory where suddenly you are the ultimate decision maker can be real tricky! From the big ticket items on what to buy for your baby in the lead up, to questioning whether their
temperature is high enough to see a doctor - It’s a lot to take on! I’m not here to tell you that they need an extra jumper on today because it’s cold, but I am here to give you some cheeky mum hacks I’ve picked up along the way - because sharing is caring, right?

  1. I’m going to start guns blazing here and give you an invaluable hack I was only recently taught. Here goes: once your child is old enough to figure out how to un do a zip, put their zippies on backwards. Seriously. Legs in, arms in, whole zip up the back backwards. Now they are warm, clothed, but completely un able to get themselves out. And it’s still just as easy to change nappies! Ah, you’re welcome.
  2. Always carry bananas. If your child doesn’t like bananas, throw them out and get a new one. The child I mean. No, not really but ALWAYS carry their favourite snack whether it be muffins, homemade muesli bars, fruit or cold meats. These work especially when you have to go to appointments, indulge in a long walk, or basically just leave your house. Our family keeps the banana business going, single handedly.
  3. Laying on the floor and looking around your room is the best way to find out exactly what it going to tickle your child’s fancy. See the plug socket a few inches off the skirting board? Get some plastic plugs for it. The TV balancing precariously on the beautiful TV Cabinet you just purchased? Get a tv safety anchor lock, pronto. The cat? Make sure it has a safe haven away from sticky invading little hands.
  4. The transition from laying down and sitting unaided in the bath is slippery - literally. With a fierce independence and determination, your baby will want to leave the baby bath insert and sit up by themselves which results in a lot of bath water being drunk and a lot of worrying on your behalf as you hover waiting for the next slip. It took us until baby number two to discover the simple use of a bath mat which instantly stopped our son slipping over and gave him the independence he craved. While we still hovered, but with a wine in hand.
  5. Highchairs that clip on to the side of the bench will be a game changer. They take up minimal space, are easy to transport (whether it be to the table, or to a completely different venue), pack down small for holidays and are easy to clean.
  6. A double pram that can easily convert into a single is one of the best ‘appliances’ or baby gadgets you can own. Theres nothing worse than a bulky two pram being pushed around with only one baby in it, while your toddler is suddenly refusing to be contained. Simply switch it into a one seat mode, leave the second seat in the car or at home, and enjoy the
    lighter life again! Perfect for when your toddler or older child fully outgrows it as well, as it means you don’t have to completely replace the whole thing.
  7. Eat your frogs in the morning. Don’t know what I mean? By doing everything you need to do in the morning (i.e. eating your frogs), you have the rest of the day to feel accomplished, and sit down and enjoy your viewing of Oprah (or more realistically tackle some loads of washing - but still while watching Oprah, ok?). I like to get the kids dressed and fed and go for a big walk first thing in the morning. It gets my adrenaline pumping, my mind is whizzing around all the things I need/want to do today and I feel motivated. If I sit and let my laziness or tiredness come over me for a few hours, before I know it the kids are having lunch time naps, and the floors are begging to be cleaned but I simply can’t find the energy.
  8. Do you have a friends baby shower coming up? The two best gifts I ever received at either baby shower was a hamper for me (and me only) and a baby grooming kit. The hamper for me was just delightful - champagne, luxurious bath bombs, delicious smelling moisturiser - not a single nappy cake in sight! It made such a difference to have something that was for me to indulge in pre and post baby and it was put to very good use. The baby grooming kit I received at my first baby shower and we use almost everything from it over 2 years later! Think baby nail clippers (yes, they’re different to adult ones - take it from me!), a variety of small hair combs and brushes and sometimes some things for the bath. Portable, baby safe and very very handy.
  9. Do a big veggie shop once or twice a fortnight and cut everything up. Zip lock bags are your best friends so buy them in every size - the biggest ones are the best for veggie prep. We end up with about 5-6 bags filled with veggies and nothing goes to waste (which happens every single time we keep them in the fridge). They’re all pre cut so it takes the work out of dinner and its so simple to gab a handful from each bag for each meal! Between that and doing a huge Sunday cook up of 2-3 meals and freezing them, you’ll eat nutritiously without having to think about slaving over an oven for 30 minutes every night.
  10. The best mum hack? Is to be so so very kind to yourself. Go on date nights. Have a bath and close the door. Let the kids eat food off the floor. And for the love of wine, don’t compare yourself to anybody else! You got this.